Lean Green Belt

Lean Advisors Online offers a flexible and cost effective Online Green Belt Certification for all environments. Based on the practices perfected by Lean Advisors through decades of hands-on experience in the public and private sectors, in addition to working with global Lean leaders.

What is Online Lean Green Belt Certification?

The Online Green Belt Certification is the virtual/remote version of our On-Site Green Belt Program.

Using our e-learning courses combined with remote one-on-one Coaching from one of our Senior Consultants, an Online Green Belt Certification will provide individuals with both the knowledge and demonstrated capabilities to assume greater responsibility to lead Lean business process improvement initiatives and promote effective cultural change.

This certification is ideal for organizations requiring individuals to possess the knowledge and expertise to lead Lean Value Stream Transformations. Individuals earn valuable credentials to enrich their contribution in an organization and gain credibility with not only the senior leaders, but also with their peers and subordinates.

Who should enroll in the Green Belt program?

Online Green Belt Certification offers tremendous value and is the perfect fit for those who are looking for a cost effective solution and who prefer (or require) the flexibility to learn and earn their designation in a remote/virtual fashion. Immediate employer benefits of this program are that processes become more efficient, streamlined, and cost effective within a short period of time.

Being a flexible program, the Lean Green Belt Certificate afford you the opportunity to learn at your own pace while focusing the efforts on a project that is meaningful to you and the organization. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Lean Green Belt Certificate and full academic achievement transcript.

Online Lean Green Belt Program Benefits:

  • Cost Effective: To support budget constraints
  • Relevant: Tailored to Service Sector and office environment
  • Time Saving: Learn anytime, anywhere, work around your schedule
  • Consistent Interactive Content: Deliver consistent lean training across your organization
  • Flexible and Easy to access, use, and learn: No technical knowledge required
  • Improved Learning: Concepts explained in clear, common language with graphics
  • Individuals set their own pace: Increasing success rate and content retention

What is involved in an Online Green Belt Certification Program?

An Online Green Belt is divided into two distinct Phases: Online Training followed by Individual Coaching/ Mentoring through a Value Stream Project, chosen by the participant.

Lean Green Belt

Phase 1: Online Lean Theory / Concepts Training Courses

Completion of all 7 Online Courses with a minimum 80% academic score

  • Introduction to Lean Course
  • Value Stream Mapping Course
  • 5S Workplace Organization
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Kaizen Events
  • Achieving Flow
  • Charters

Each course is approximately 1-1.5 hrs in length and participants will have access to complete these courses for a period of 12 months.

Phase 2: Virtual Coaching/Mentoring Lean Practical Application & Certification

Participants will select a Value Stream Project within their organization and work one on one with their Lean Coach to apply and demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Value Stream Charter document to define scope of work and expectations
  • Value Stream Map
    • Current State Map
    • Future State Map
    • Implementation Plan
    • Kaizen Charters for each Kaizen as per the plan
    • Completed Kaizens with documented results
    • Ability to liaise with senior leadership team
    • Ability to influence staff at all levels


Call for pricing as it is dependent on volume and project scope.

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