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Lean Manufacturing

What differentiates a successful company from one that is not so successful? It is the ability to see a problem as an “opportunity for improvement.”

Our online Lean Manufacturing Training and Certification courses are one of the best ways to introduce, develop and establish effective problem solving practices into any manufacturing organization. It’s easy to teach basic problem-solving skills to any employee. It has a proven track record as one of the most cost effective methods for improving business processes!

Lean Healthcare

When no longer constrained by broken processes, teams of medical professionals all over North America are leading the way to improve the quality and delivery of patient care!

Healthcare is in desperate need of a new way of thinking in order to improve and provide better service at a lower cost while reducing the increasing pressures and stress on the staff.

Lean Service (Office)

In today’s information economy, much of the value that companies produce is created in office environments, and many sectors view administrative processes such as assessments, approvals, financial transactions, and investigations as integral to the customer experience.

Cost pressures, however, are enormous. Highly susceptible to global outsourcing, North American offices have to achieve a high level of efficiency in order to meet the increasing demands of clients in price-driven markets.

Lean is ideally suited for meeting this challenge because it takes on quality and efficiency simultaneously.